B3 Biennial of the Moving Image

The B3 Biennial takes place every two years. The B3 Autumn School is directed toward creative young talents in the intervening years. The B3 Think Tank takes place parallel to this and is responsible for the thematic aims. The HfG Offenbach is the organizer of the B3 Biennial. The B3 is supported by Hessische Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst (HMWK)Hessische Landesanstalt für privaten Rundfunk und neue Medien (LPR Hessen) and Stadt Frankfurt am Main. The Hessische Film- und Medienakademie (hFMA) and the Goethe Institut are cooperation partners. The B3 Parcours is sponsored by the Kulturfonds Frankfurt Rhein Main

B3 Biennale 2017

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B3 Biennial 2015

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Expanded Senses

Art Body Communication

The second iteration of the B3 Biennial of the Moving Image will take place in Frankfurt and the Rhine-Main region in autumn 2015 under the guiding theme: Expanded Senses: Art Body Communication. The goal of the festival, which started in 2013, is to create a broad alliance for the moving image. In doing so, the Biennial acts in an interdisciplinary way and transcends genres, offering an international platform for the discourse and networking of makers of film and television, artists, designers, scholars, technology providers, industry participants, and up-and-coming talents.

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B3&Bejing 2015

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Das Kreativfestival präsentierte im Oktober 2015 in Frankfurt zehn maßgebliche chinesische Medien- und Konzeptkünstler_innen. Basis war eine Kooperation mit der Central Academy of Fine Arts Beijing (CAFA). Mit einer interdisziplinären und crossmedialen Ausstellung präsentierte die CAFA unter dem Titel »B3+Beijing. Moving in Time« vom 27. Mai bis 22. Juni 2015 im CAFA Museum 60 chinesische Künstler_innen, die zwischen den Medienwelten wandeln und neue crossmediale Sichtweisen bieten. Eine chinesisch-deutsche Jury wählte die zehn besten Arbeiten der Ausstellung für die Präsentation in Frankfurt während der B3 im Herbst 2015 aus. Die Ausstellung wollte sich nicht nur als reine Präsentation von Bewegtbildmaterial verstehen, sondern vielmehr einen innovativen Blick auf den Kreationsprozess der Werke werfen. In einem begleitenden Konferenzprogramm wurden crossmediale Thematiken in allen Facetten beleuchtet.
»Die aktuelle zeitgenössische chinesische Kunst zeichnet sich durch eine spannende künstlerische Vielfalt aus. Die Video- und Medienkunstszene ist vergleichsweise jung, innovativ und experimentierfreudig. Wir sind gespannt auf Einblicke in künstlerischen Projekte, die sich auf hohem technologischen und kreativen Niveau mit den politischen, gesellschaftlichen und kulturellen Transformationsprozessen von China auseinandersetzen. Wir freuen uns auf neue und ästhetische Ansätze und wichtige Impulse aus China«, sagte B3-Festivalleiter Prof. Bernd Kracke.
Das Projekt wurde von anerkannten Kunstexperten aus China und Deutschland unterstützt, darunter dem Präsidenten der Central Academy of Fine Arts, Fan Di’an, sowie der Frankfurter Medienkunst-Galeristin Anita Beckers.

Interwiew mit B3-Leiter Bernd Kracke in Bejing


27. Mai bis 22. Juni 2015


Di’an Fan, Bernd Kracke

Leitende Kuratoren

Huangsheng Wang, Xiewei Song, Anita Beckers

Ausführende Kuratoren

Chunchen Wang, Jun Jin, Jun Fei

Kuratorische Assistenz

Yue Yi, Ge Yu


Xuan Zheng


CAFA Museum team



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B3 Autumn School 2014

B3 autumnschoolfaz

The B3 Autumn School in Frankfurt celebrated its successful premiere with around 2,000 participants. From September 29 to October 4, 2014, young creative talent from Germany and Europe were invited to become acquainted with the newest trends, technologies, and developments in the areas of film, TV, web, design, games, art, and sound in an up close and practice-oriented way. There were 40 regional, national, and international media experts that passed on their knowledge to pupils, teachers, students and young professionals in 35 workshops.

A central highlight was the B3 Think Tank, which took place parallel to the Autumn School and focused on the central topic of B3 2015: »Expanded Senses«. The B3 Think Tank brought together around 60 international pioneers from six countries to programmatically prepare the B3 Biennial of the Moving Image 2015. For example, the topic of Games will make up an important element of B3 2015 in the framework of cooperation with the world’s largest computer games fair »gamescom« in Cologne.

B3 Biennial 2013

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Expanded Narration

The first B3 Moving Image Biennial 2013

»Happy is the person who can say ‘when’, ‘before’ and ‘after’ (...). And Ulrich noticed that he had lost this primitive epic to which private life is still attached, although publicly everything had become non-narrative and no longer follows a thread, but rather merges into an infinitely interwoven surface.«
(Robert Musil, The Man Without Properties)

In 2013, the first B3 Moving Image Biennial with the focal topic »Expanded Narration. Das neue Erzählen« (Expanded Narration. The new Storytelling) launched a new event format in Frankfurt and the greater Rhine-Main region with the aim of creating an extensive platform for exploring the moving image. It was motivated by the view that the moving image occupies a central role in the culture of the 21st century. Consideration was given to all aspects from creation via production through to distribution and reception, but also appreciation and scientific reflection of moving images, and made available not only to experts, but also to a broad public.

The debut was immediately convincing for around 25,000 visitors from twelve countries. The five-day program was set with numerous international stars from the media world, including Laurie Anderson, Robert Wilson, Ziad Doueiri, Rhianna Pratchett, Dick Hedige, Veena Sud, Don Daglow and many more.

The three modules, which B3 will also support in future– Festival, Parcours and CampusMarket – provide a diverse programme that allowed visitors to experience »The new Storytelling« and in doing so demonstrated how its »threads merge into an infinitely interwoven surface«, to remain with the words of Robert Musil. There were six thematic focuses: TV series, games, immersion, trans-media, art and cinema.

Through the selection of its national and international guests, but also the choice of works exhibited in the Parcours and during the Festival, the B3 Biennial could prove that despite crises and the often pronounced death of author narration, the invention of stories still belongs to the most elementary of cultural techniques.

 »Not only real history is expanding, but also fictional narration, (...) the more we rationalize, the more we have to narrate. The more modern the world becomes, the more inevitable narration becomes: narrare necesse est« (Odo Marquard).

The B3 Festival addressed this expanded narration. On various levels of presentation and reflection it exhibited and questioned cinema, television and new media and its innovative-narrative logics and offered orientation for the future.

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Opening B3 Campus Markt

B3 Parcours

Partner 2013

The B3 Parcours 2013 was a core component of the B3 Premiere, and was sponsored by Kulturfonds Frankfurt RheinMain.

  • Deutsches Filmmuseum
  • Frankfurter Kunstverein
  • Städelschule
  • Schirn Kunsthalle
  • MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst
  • Museum Angewandte Kunst
  • Museum für Kommunikation
  • Weltkulturen Museum
  • Portikus Frankfurt
  • Museum Wiesbaden
  • Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden
  • Sinclair Haus/Altana Kulturstiftung Bad Homburg
  • Atelier Frankfurt
  • basis Frankfurt
  • Galerie Anita Beckers
  • Galerie Heike Strelow
  • Kai Middendorf Galerie
  • Weißfrauen Diakoniekirche
  • Robert Johnson Offenbach
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Frankfurter Kunstverein

Photo: Dominik Dresel

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Opening B3 Festival at Frankfurter Kunstverein


On Nov 2, 2013 Laurie Anderson received the B3 BEN for her lifetime achivement at Frankfurter Kunstverein handed over by Sylvia von Metzler

Foto: Clemens Mitscher

The B3 Biennial prizes

Various prizes were awarded to professionals and young talents at the first B3 Biennial, yet the event’s high standing resulted not from the prize money alone, but  also such factors as the curators, the international jurors, and finally the quality of the winning works.

B3 Prize for Life’s Work

Laurie Anderson

BEN Main prizes 2013

  • Linear: Richard Mosse »The Enclave«
  • Non-linear: Candice Breitz »Treatment«
  • Trans-media: The Riahi Brothers »Everyday rebellion«

BEN Young Talents Prizes Nachwuchspreise 2013

  • Linear: Laura Labs / Max Kerkoff »Volksbühne«
    The Film and Television University (HFF) Konrad Wolf, Potsdam-Babelsberg
  • Non-linear: Philipp Bergmann / Matthias Schönijahn »Breaking News«
    Justus-Liebig University Gießen
  • -Trans-media: Nikolas Schmid-Pfähler / Carolin Liebl »Vincent&Emily«
    HfG Offenbach, University of Art and Design

Ultra short competition 2013


  • Vine: 1st prize: Oliver Rossol, 2nd  prize: Daniel Herzog
  • Instagram: 1st prize: Janja Milosevic, 2nd  prize: Igor Štromajer


  • Vine: 1st prize: Yaschar Scheyda, 2nd  prize: Maximilian Witt
  • Instagram: 1st prize: Marco Seifert, 2nd  prize: Max Brück
Preisverleihung malte saenger erweitertes erzaehlen technisch expandierende kinematografie 2011

B3 BEN Award
Gestaltung: Trevor Gould

Photo: Malte Sänger

Presiverleihung dsc2269

B3 Award Show
​Arash T. Riahi, Arman T. Riahi

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Lecture Douglas Gordon

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The Enclave

Richard Mosse
Exhibition »Nonliteral«, Atelierfrankfurt, curated by Anita Beckers and Heike Strelow

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Aftershow Party
Gibson Club, Frankfurt

Photo: Malte Sänger

Kinder dsc3873

B3 Campus Markt

Wilson rudiweissbeck richardwilson 9241

Lecture Robert Wilson

Photo: Rudi Weißbeck

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2 years ago

Interview with Bernd Kracke

In cooperation with the B3-Festival the Central Academy of Fine Arts Beijing ( CAFA ) presented 60 Chinese artists in May and June 2015 in CAFA Museum in Beijing. Now Bernd Kracke has been interviewed about B3.

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2 years ago

B3 and gamescom intensify cooperation

The B3 Biennale of the Moving Image and gamescom – the world’s largest event for computer and video games – are continuing the cooperation started in 2014.

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Successful Autumn School premiere

On Saturday, 4. October, 2014, the first B3 Autumn School (29 September to 4 October) came to a successful close . Some 2,000 pupils, teachers, students and young professionals took part in the courses given by international artists, media professionals and academics.