Endowment Professorship

The Endowed Chair is considered a research chair and accordingly is not bound by a curriculum. Instead, cooperative teaching sessions with colleagues from both departments, symposia and conferences are organized and conducted. In 2014, the DML – Designinstitut für Mobilität und Logistik (Design Institute for Mobility and Logistics) was established in the Department of Product Design, together with Prof. Georg-Christof Bertsch and Prof. Peter Eckart.

The Chair is sponsored by the City of Offenbach, Stadtwerke Offenbach Holding GmbH (SOH) and the Dr. Marschner Foundation, Frankfurt/Main, with additional donations from Offenbach’s Chamber of Commerce (IHK), Wirtschaftsinitiative RheinMain, Energieversorger Offenbach AG (EVO) and Mainova Frankfurt.

Doctoral candidates

Sarah Bonnert

Allegories of the past – The reconstruction of Frankfurt’s historic center

Tu­tors: Prof. Hans Zitko, Prof. Kai Vöck­ler

Projects by the Endowed Chair between 2010 and 2014

  • Voeckler ag 01

    Creative spaces in Offenbach 2011

    Design: Nicolas Kremershof

  • Voeckler ag 02

    Creative places FrankfurtOffenbach

    Design: Lukas Wagner

  • Voeckler ag 03

    Exhibition with students’ work on Offenbach, Sheraton Hotel, 2011

  • Voeckler ag 04

    Logo “transform OF”

    Design: Lukas Wagner

  • Voeckler ag 05

    Study by Prof. Klaus Overmeyer et al. on the creative industry in Offenbach, 2011

Creative spaces in Offenbach 2011

Design: Nicolas Kremershof

Analysis of the development momentum of creative milieus in Offenbach

Analysis and visual depiction. Communication in lectures, exhibitions and publications. Teaching sessions in summer semester 2011 in cooperation with Prof. Heiner Blum (Experimental Spatial Concepts) and with Prof. Klaus Overmeyer (Bergische Universität Wuppertal), see also the study produced by Klaus Overmeyer et al. “open OF. Kreativwirtschaft und Stadtentwicklung in Offenbach” (open OF. The creative industry and urban development in Offenbach), 2011.

Voeckler ag 06


Establishment of the OFlovesU platform

Further development of the communications strategy OFlovesU (Facebook page, initiated by Prof. Stefan Landrock; city tours, developed with Prof. Heiner Blum) in collaboration with urban media projects for the Web platform oflovesu.com in cooperation with Prof. Heiner Blum and Prof. Eike König. This extremely successful communication platform (including the space finder program that finds places to study for students and creative professionals) is currently being expanded to include information for young families on the availability of childcare and schools.

Voeckler ag 07 f jessica schaefer

Exhibition of the concepts for ASRM 2015 at Deutsches Architekturmuseum DAM Frankfurt, 2014 

Photo: Jessica Schäfer

Architektursommer Rhein-Main 2015 (Rhine-Main Summer of Architecture 2015)

Development of the cultural format Architektursommer Rhein-Main in the cities of Frankfurt, Offenbach and Wiesbaden. Founding member of the association responsible, Architektursommer Frankfurt Offenbach e. V. Spokesperson for Architektursommer Rhein-Main since 2011. International workshop at Deutsches Architekturmuseum (DAM) on the RheinMainBand (Wiesbaden/Mainz and Frankfurt/Offenbach), April 7 to 10, 2014; exhibition of the results at DAM (May 20 to June 9, 2014). Concepts for the Kaiserlei area along the River Main on the boundary between Frankfurt and Offenbach were developed by the architecture studios Superpool (Istanbul), AWP (Paris), URBED (London) and feld 72 (Vienna). Implementation in September 2015.


Voeckler ag 08

Process planning Masterplan Offenbach 2012-2014

Preparation of “Masterplan Offenbach”

As a representative of HfG Offenbach, a founding and board member of the association “Offenbach offensiv” with the aim of preparing a master plan for Offenbach (at the initiative of IHK, Offenbach’s Chamber of Commerce). Member of the steering committee and coordination group for Masterplan Offenbach, permanent member since 2012. The focus of this master plan is on attracting both companies and high-income population brackets, a change of image is also considered important. Development of fundamental conceptual components such as a focus on the above-mentioned objective and on the methodological approach of combining a planning and communications strategy (innovative planning process).

  • Voeckler ag 09

    Conference Creative City, February 2012

    Poster: Lukas Wagner

  • Voeckler ag 10

    Curator of a campaign day for Stiftung Baukultur – Wiebke Grösch/Frank Metzger, “Rose und Jack”, June 17, 2012

    Photo: Grösch/Metzger

  • Voeckler ag 11

    Folding map of the OFlovesU tours, Marina Kampka, 2011

  • Voeckler ag 12

    Exhibitions and symposia at Hessen Design, October 2012

  • Voeckler ag 13

    Pecha Kucha at Offenbach City Hall in cooperation with DAM, November 2012 

    Photo: Jazzunique

  • Voeckler ag 14

    Mosque exhibition at HfG Offenbach, March 2014

    Poster: Marcus Lüttgau

Conference Creative City, February 2012

Poster: Lukas Wagner

Offenbach as a creative city

Networking in the region (lectures, exhibitions, such as Hessen Design in October 2012) and national visibility (lectures, integration of Offenbach into research projects such as the “Baukulturatlas Deutschland 2030/2050” as one of the towns selected as examples; in progress). Publications and lectures; concept for and realization of the conference “Die kreative Stadt – Marketingzauber oder Entwicklungsressource?” (The creative city – marketing trick or development resource?, HfG, February 3, 2012).

  • Voeckler ag 15

    Designs for a new building, Hafen 2, exhibition Tour 2011. Cooperation with TU Darmstadt, Prof. Anett-Maud Joppien

  • Voeckler ag 16

    Seminar “Port Offenbach/HfG Campus” with Prof. Markus Holzbach and in cooperation with Bergische Universität Wuppertal, Prof. Tanja Siems and AAIS – Interprofessional Studio of Architectural Association London, Director Theo Lorenz, 2012

  • Voeckler ag 17

    Student design competition “Relocation of the EVO coal stockyard”, with Prof. Markus Holzbach and in cooperation with TU Darmstadt and Bergische Universität Wuppertal, 2012. 1st prize: Matthias Welp, Udo Pfaff, TU Darmstadt

  • Voeckler ag 18

    Student design competition “Corporate design of the German mobility congress”, with Prof. Klaus Hesse, 2012. 1st prize: Berenike Eimler

  • Voeckler lg 05 stadt ergaenzen

    Seminar »Complementing the city« with Prof. Heiner Blum, 2013 

    Photo: Jessica Schäfer

Designs for a new building, Hafen 2, exhibition Tour 2011. Cooperation with TU Darmstadt, Prof. Anett-Maud Joppien

Cooperative teaching sessions

Examination of Offenbach in cooperative teaching sessions at HfG Offenbach, for example, the seminar “Complementing the city” with Prof. Heiner Blum in summer semester 2013 or the Diplom project (subsidiary subject) on a children’s book on Offenbach (supervisor Prof. Klaus Hesse), 2014. Cooperative teaching sessions on Offenbach, partly with colleagues from other universities (Bergische Universität Wuppertal, Technische Universität Darmstadt, Architectural Association London). 

Future lab HfG Offenbach

Strategic deliberations on HfG Offenbach as the nucleus of creative development in the city of Offenbach with regard to plans for new buildings, integration into HfG Offenbach’s future lab.