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Application for the winter semester 2021/22 is closed

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At a glance

Is the HfG a good fit for me?

  • If you are looking for an open, interdisciplinary course of study, you have come to the right place. You can specialize in one area early on or design your studies more freely

Who can apply?

  • Actually anyone, the important thing is the portfolio that you submit.
  • If you have a general qualification for university entrance (Abitur), you can prove your artistic talent with your portfolio.
  • If you do not have the general university entrance qualification, you can convince us of your outstanding artistic talent with your portfolio. 

What can I study in the art department?


  • Stage Design/Scenic Space
  • Communication Design (communication design, graphic design and illustration, typography)
  • Art (experimental spatial concepts, sculpture, painting, conceptual drawing and nude drawing, performance in the expanded field)
  • Media (Photography, Electronic Media, Film/Video)


How do I apply?

  • With the usual documents: application form (will be asked during the online application process), copy of certificate and portfolio with self-made artistic-creative works (at least 30, gladly more).

Where can I find advice?

Detailed information about the application process here


Study and portfolio consultation

Wednesdays (more)

Application deadline 

Application for the winter semester 2022/23 is possible again from 15.05. to 01.06.2022.

Entrance examination 2022

Info will follow

Start of studies 

Winter semester of each year

Student and Portfolio Advisory Service

In the departmental study and portfolio advisory service, prospective students are informed and advised jointly by teachers and students. It takes place continuously from mid-October to the beginning of July. Due to the current situation, we offer online study and portfolio advising only.


Mittwochs, noon

Due to the current situation different lecturers as well as a student team offer as of now on Wednesday at noon a study and folder consultation by videochat. As soon as at least two interested parties are found, the appropriate organization of the video conference is set up.

  • In the video conference there is the possibility to present the portfolio by sharing the screen content.
  • Another possibility is to film the content of the portfolio with the smartphone or webcam.


in each case until Monday, 0:00 h under


Acr761892803852224 451847


Content of your portfolios

  • Drawings, sketchbooks, pencil drawings, paintings, collages, graphics, prints, sculptures, installations, etc. should be photographed, or scanned 
  • Photographs
  • Please submit material summarized in one PDF
  • Videos, films, documentations of performances, etc. can be uploaded as mp4. Video data must be playable with a VLC player in any case. Youtube or Vimeo links are also possible. Sound data can be submitted as mp3.
  • Video and sound data can be supplemented by explanatory and illustrative PDFs.
  • An analogue folder can be filmed and submitted as a video. 

Important: There are no "sample portfolios" and no theme!

This is needed in addition to your portfolios

  • Officially certified photocopy of the certificate of general qualification for university entrance or advanced technical college entrance or other school and/or vocational school qualification. 
  • Declaration that you have produced the submitted works by your own hand
  • gladly a photo​

Additionally (max. 1 DIN-A4 page)

Letter of motivation

  • What are your reasons for wanting to study art? 
  • Can you already decide on a possible major (communication design, art, media, stage and costume design)?
  • If yes: How have you dealt with the mentioned field of interest so far? 
  • What profession would you like to pursue after graduation?

Who can apply?

  • Admission: once a year for the winter semester (Deadline 2021: June 1).
  • Admission requirements are: Abitur and artistic talent.
  • Artistic talent is assessed on the basis of a portfolio of self-made works and an entrance examination.
  • In the case of outstanding artistic talent, admission is possible even without a high school diploma.
  • A qualification corresponding to the general university entrance qualification is also possessed by those who have successfully completed a university course of study without possessing the general university entrance qualification.
  • A qualification corresponding to the subject-related university entrance qualification is also held by those who have completed the basic studies in a course of study at a university of applied sciences, a staged course of study at a university or a comparable course of study.
  • A foreign school education will be checked for equivalence to the German Abitur as part of the admission procedure.
  • Whether your creative ideas and goals fit with the HfG can be checked in the study and portfolio consultations.

Further information on university entrance qualifications can be found at:

What must be submitted for the application (deadline 2021: June 1)?

  • The usual documents: copies of certificates, application form (will be asked during the online application process)
  • In addition: a portfolio with examples of your own artistic and creative work (at least 30 works, more are welcome). 

How does the entrance examination proceed?

  • The entrance exams will take place from 19-23 July 2021. We will announce at a later date whether it will take place online or on site.
  • Applicants are selected and invited on the basis of their submitted portfolio. 
  • In the entrance examination, you will be given two or three design tasks, each of which must be completed in one to two hours on site. In a subsequent personal interview with the admissions committee, you will present your results.

Questions to the admissions committee?

Questions for the Registrar's Office?

Carolin Alban
​Ute Schulz

Schlossgrabengasse 1, ground floor

T 069.800 59-201

Opening hours

are currently cancelled due to corona. Please contact us by phone or by mail.

Change of university

Applicants who already have a degree (Bachelor, etc.) have the opportunity to be placed in a higher semester. This varies from case to case and depends on passing the entrance examination and on whether the university from which they come is equivalent.

Under certain circumstances, the practical part of the entrance examination may be waived after the portfolio review. Please submit your portfolio during the application deadline and enclose the completed application form. Please note on the application form that you are a »Überwechsler_in«.

The placement in a higher semester will be decided after the successful completion of the entrance examination or in October after the start of lectures. We strongly recommend you to visit our study and portfolio advisory service.

Foreign prospective students

Prospective foreign students for a diploma study programme

In the case of foreigners and stateless persons, the foreign university entrance qualification or equivalent foreign educational certificates will be checked by the university during the application process for equivalence with the German university entrance qualification. Please submit your certificates together with the other required documents and your portfolio. By decree the Minister of Science and Art regulates jurisdiction, the principles for concurrence, and procedures for evaluating foreign university entrance qualifications and equivalent foreign educational certificates. In particular the decree can also entail applicants having to attend a preparatory course and undergo an assessment test. As part of the admission procedure, this test can be conducted by the Hochschule für Gestaltung (HfG) Offenbach, but only in relation to a course of study there.

In order to be admitted, foreign applicants must prove that they have a sufficient knowledge of German. There are the following possibilities: DSH-2, TestDAF-4, Certificate »telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule«, Goethe Certifikate C1​.

Prospective international students as exchange students

If you are studying at a university abroad and would like to spend one or two semesters at the HfG, please contact the International Office,

Why? HfG students tell ...

Take a look at the short filmic portraits and you will get this information first hand. HfG students tell how they came to the HfG, what motivations they had for applying, what drives them; they tell about university life and their plans for the future. To this end, they open their studios and workshops, reflect on their working methods, talk about their ways of finding ideas and present their previous and current works. Each of these films works out individual focal points and depicts different facets of study at the HfG. All episodes together form a mosaic-like overview of the diversity of a course of study at the HfG Offenbach.

Clara01  1

Clara S.

4th semester Art

Film & Music: Daniel Herzog

Viviane niebling

Viviane Niebling

9th semester Art

Film & Music: Daniel Herzog


Anne Krieger

13th semester Art

Film & Music: Daniel Herzog

Paulpape 04

Paul Pape

12th semester Art

Film & Music: Daniel Herzog

Bildschirmfoto 2018 05 16 um 11 49 57

Brenda Lien

12th semester Art

Film & Music: Daniel Herzog


Stella Schimmele

Diploma Art in May 2018 

Film & Music: Daniel Herzog



Do I need to register for the student and portfolio advisory service?
The Student and portfolio advisory service is open to everyone free of charge. Due to the current situation, the department only offer online study and portfolio advice. Further information are listed here.

Should I submit my portfolio online or by post?

In 2021, the submission of the portfolio will again take place online. The corresponding link will be activated here on 15.05.2021. Further information here.

What should be included in the application dossier?
For the admission procedure, the usual documents (certificates, application form) as well as a portfolio with self-made artistic and creative work examples are required. At least 30, gladly more. More information here.

Must I submit originals, or can I send photos of my works?
The next application opportunity is for the winter semester 2021/22. If you have any questions regarding the folder design, please visit the student advisory service.

  • The exact submission requirements for School of Art are: Drawings, sketchbooks, pencil drawings, paintings, collages, graphics, prints, sculptures, installations etc. should be photographed, or scanned and structured in the form of a PDF. Photographs should be submitted as PDF files. Videos, films, documentations of performances etc. can be uploaded as mp4. Video data must be playable with a VLC player in any case. Youtube or Vimeo links are also possible. Sound data can be submitted as mp3. Video and sound data can be supplemented by explanatory and illustrative PDFs. An analogue folder can be filmed and submitted as a video. 

Do I submit my documents using Uni Assist?
No. Please upload your documents via the upload portal (under construction) of the HfG. Your documents will be checked at the HfG during the admission procedure.

Must I attend a preparatory program?
Should the review of the documents you submitted and the result of the entrance examination require you to first attend a preparatory program, HfG will register you for the preparatory program in Frankfurt.

Which course on the preparatory program must I attend?
As a rule, you must attend the G-course.

In what form should I send my certificates?
Certificates must be submitted in certified form and officially translated into German or English. Please make sure that the certification is clearly visible on the scan/photo. More information here.

What questions should I answer on my application form?
The application form must be answered in detail, in particular the second page. The answer to the question about your motives depends largely on you as an individual, and your chosen subject, and should provide a general picture of yourself, your experiences to date, and your motives for wishing to study at HfG Offenbach. Should there be insufficient space, please use an additional piece of paper.


In what language are the courses given?
Generally speaking, courses are taught in German. By arrangement, professors can also give practical courses in English. However, all theoretical courses are in German.

What level of German is necessary?
Applicants must supply evidence of DSH-2 or Test DAF-4, the certificate »telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule« or the Goethe-Certificate C1 by 1 September at the latest. There will be no enrolment in October 2021 without proof of sufficient language skills. Please make sure that you arrange the appropriate language courses and examinations in good time! If you are unable to provide proof of sufficient German language skills by 1 September, you can begin your studies up to three years later.

Is it necessary to submit the APS certificate?
Yes, Chinese applicants must submit the APS certificate!

Must the application letter be in German?
No, it is not absolutely necessary to write the application in German. 


What do I do once I have submitted my portfolio?
Once you have submitted your application, we will view your portfolio and decide whether to invite you to take the entrance exam. We will contact you by email around 4 to 6 weeks after the deadline for submission.

When is the application deadline?
You can apply again for the winter semester 2021/22. To do so, you must submit a design portfolio, among other things, in the period from 15.05. to 01.06.2021.

When do entrance exams begin?
As a rule, entrance exams take place at the and mid-July. Exact dates and more detailed information is given here.

When will I receive confirmation to register for a visa?
Around 4 to 6 weeks after the deadline for submitting portfolios you will receive a confirmation by email on whether you have been invited to take the entrance exam. Should you live outside Europe, you will also be informed by email. Please note that you should make your visa application before you apply, so that the user is granted in time for the entrance exam.


What costs are involved?
As currently there are no tuition fees in Hessen, you will only pay a semester fee. This includes a public transport ticket – allowing you to use buses and local trains free of charge. More detailed information here.

How high are tuition fees?
There are currently no tuition fees charged in Hessen. See above.


What are halls of residence like, and can I apply for a place in one as an incoming student?
The halls of residence are managed by the student administration (Studentenwerk) Frankfurt. As only a limited number of places are available it is advisable to apply early. More information is available here.

Is there a Masters course?
No, Offenbach University of Art and Design is currently still offering the equivalent of a BA (Diplom). A conversion to BA/MA is planned for WS 2022/2023.

Will my Bachelor’s degree be credited?
The Admissions Board, in conjunction with the Review Board, decides whether your Bachelor’s degree will be credited during the admission procedure, or in October after the beginning of lectures. Information here.

What are the fields of study in the School of Art?​
The School of Art offers the following: Stage Design, Communications Design, Art, and Media.​ More information on the School of Art is available here.

How can I specialise?

​As soon as you have enrolled you can choose your theoretical and practical courses at the beginning of the semester. Naturally, in choosing your courses you influence the focus of your studies. The entire system is kept open so that you can change your specialisation at a later date, but it is advisable to settle on a special area as soon as possible.


Admission procedure

If you still have questions about the admission procedure, you can contact the respective art admission committee directly.

School of Art

Eva Novak

Registrar's Office

For all other questions, such as application requirements for German and foreign/stateless students and admission, please contact the Registrar's Office.

Schlossgrabengasse 1, ground floor

T 069.800 59-201

Opening hours

are currently cancelled due to corona. Please contact us by phone or by mail.

International Office

If you are studying at a foreign university and are interested in applying for one or two semesters at the HfG, please contact the International Office.

Until further notice, there will be no personal consultation for stays abroad. Please contact the contacts listed below or use these e-mail addresses to make an appointment for a telephone consultation or via Skype.

Dipl.-Geogr. Olivia Klimm 
T +49 (0)69.800 59-149

Opening hours

​Dates by arrangement only