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Maria Sitte

Maria Sitte

The role of investigative and criminological strategies in contemporary art (working title)

Investigative and criminological strategies currently constitute a trend in ...

Adrian Williams

for “the tooling of the tool itself” be perceived as an independent research topic. Tutors: Prof. Dr. Juliane Rebentisch Prof. Maria Fusco [...]


​​ José Segebre What are you waiting for? ​ Maria Sitte ​The role of investigative and [...]



Kolodziey nadinekolodziey@gmx.de Mario Mentrup mariomentrup@yahoo.de Maria Mohr mail@mariamohr.de [...]

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Experimental Spatial Concepts

/ DIE KRAFT VERGESSENER RÄUME / 12.12.2015 RJT 39 Acid Maria / ACID / 30.1.2016 RJT 40 [...]

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Integrative Design

Bossche, Anton Viehl, Elena Maria Winter Supervisors Prof. Peter Eckart ​Prof. Petra Kellner