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School of Art

Termine Anmeldungen

Letzte Anmeldung zur Diplomprüfung im Januar 2028

Letzte Vordiplomanmeldung im Juli 2025

  • Anmeldung Februar 2024 | Prüfung April 2024
  • Anmeldung Juli 2024 | Prüfung Oktober 2024
  • Anmeldung Februar 2025 | Prüfung April 2024
  • Anmeldung Juli 2025 | Prüfung Oktober 2025


  • 15. Januar 2024: 102. Diplomprüfung/Gestaltung
  • 12. Februar 2024: 96. Vordiplomprüfung
  • 21. März 2024: 5. Diplomprüfung/Theorie
  • 30. April 2024: 36. Diplomnebenfach


  • 18. April 2024: 96. Vordiplomprüfung
  • 22.-24. Mai 2024: 102. Diplomprüfung/Gestaltung
  • 11. Juni 2024: 5. Diplomprüfung/Theorie (Abgabe)
  • 13. Juni 2024: 36. Diplomnebenfach

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University Intermediate Diplom

The University Intermediate Diplom examinations allow the candidate to demonstrate that he or she has achieved the goals of the Basic Course in having obtained sufficient basic knowledge and skills in order to successfully continue the course of studies.

Application forms to sit the University Intermediate Diplom examinations can be obtained from the Office of the Examination Committee of the School of Art.

Current schedules can be found at Downloads right here.

Diplom (German academic degree)

The Diplom examination is the first degree that qualifies students for a profession. This examination aims to establish whether students have acquired exhaustive specialized knowledge and whether they are able to work independently according to artistic, design-oriented and scholarly  methods.

Application forms for the Diplom examination can be obtained in the Office of the Examination Committee of the School of Art.

Current schedules can be found at Downloads right here.

School of Design

Ongoing Diplom examinations proceed as follows

  • Students contact their design and theory supervisors
  • Registration for the Diplom / students hand in proposals for topics
  • Review of the student’s course of study as being in accordance with regulations
  • Admission to Diplom examinations / allocation of topics
  • Submittal and documentation of Diplom project
  • Theory colloquium
  • Diplom colloquium
  • Presentation of the student‘s Diplom project and awarding of the Diplom
  • Award of the Diplom certificate
  • Submittal of Diplom data and images to Pressestelle (Katja Kupfer)