Psychological counselling

Students can talk with the following persons about problems of personal development, difficulties with relationships or work, or specific emotional and psychosomatic troubles.

The persons listed are friends of HfG and very familiar with the psychological issues facing creative people.

The current dates for psychosocial counselling at the HfG can be found here.


Psychosocial counseling

Psychologin, m.Sc. Nina Müller

Campus Westend, Hörsaalzentrum EG, Frankfurt

Tel. 069.798-34905


PD Dr. med. Norbert Spangenberg

Telemannstr. 5, Frankfurt

Tel. 069-71675372

Dipl.-Psych. Angela Dunker

Bernardstr. 47-49, Offenbach

Tel. 069-82369699

Dipl.-Psych. Martina Gunkelmann

Parkstr. 37, Offenbach

Tel. 069-46992217 or 0157-82289931

(Mention HfG when leaving a message on the answering machine)

Behavioural therapists

Dipl.-Psych. Michaela Lischke

Gartenstraße 8 (Sachsenhausen), Frankfurt

Tel. 069-491590

Psychiatrist and psychotherapist

Dr. med. Thomas Brühl

Frankfurter Str. 67, Offenbach

Tel. 069.80086806