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Holly Herndon

HOLLY HERNDON became a leading light in contemporary music by experimenting at the outer reaches of dance music and pop songwriting possibilities. Born in Tennessee, HERNDON spent her formative years in Berlin’s techno scene and repatriated to San Francisco, where she is working towards a PHD in computer music composition at Stanford University. On her second album, Platform (RVNG Intl. / 4AD), HERNDON could be viewed as the 21st century’s answer to the protest singer, were she not also a composer of such sublime music. Platform signaled her transformation as an electronic musician to a singular voice and marries emotional, political, and technocultural critique with innovative club music. The interactive and ecstatic experience of her live performance has evolved into a group which includes the artists Mat Dryhurst and Colin Self.

BRITTA THIE is a Berlin-based artist whose work engages emerging technologies and the relationship between self and digital representation. She studied fine arts at the Universität der Künste in Berlin in the class of Hito Steyerl and is currently teaching at the HFG Offenbach am Main. In her practice Thie often depicts her own body to examine the meaning of the figurative image in a product-driven society. In recent years she has shown work at Public Art Fund, (New York), Julia Stoschek Collection (Berlin), Anthology Film Archives (New York), Kunst-Werke Institute for Contemporary Art (Berlin), Auto Italia (London), and had solo presentations at SCHIRN Kunsthalle Frankfurt, Kunstverein Göttingen and SCHINKEL Pavillon (Berlin). Her theatre debut the live Sitcom I’MDB premiered in 2016 at Münchner Kammerspiele and aired in April 2017 on Arte TV.​ 

RJT 50 ist eine Kooperation mit den Awareness Talks der HfG Offenbach.


1 November 2014 until 28 February 2020
28 February 2020 Friday

09:00 PM
Suzanne ciani
1 February 2020 Saturday

10:00 PM, Robert Johnson
Rjt 74 tommy groenlund
11 January 2020 Saturday

10:00 PM, Robert Johnson
Italo disco
14 December 2019 Saturday

Robert Johnson Theory 72

10:00 PM, Robert Johnson
Oliver hafenbauer by press
16 November 2019 Saturday

10:00 PM, Robert Johnson
Simon reynolds 01 rjt web sw
26 October 2019 Saturday

Robert Johnson Theory 70

10:00 PM, Robert Johnson
Levon laying hi  credits to sophia drevenstam
8 June 2019 Saturday

Robert Johnson Theory 69

Robert Johnson
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13 April 2019 Saturday

Robert Johnson Theorie 66

10:00 PM, Robert Johnson
Rjt 66  anne imhof  billy bultheel   photos nadine fraczkowski
3 February 2018 Saturday

10:00 PM, Robert Johnson
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27 May 2017 Saturday

Robert Johnson Theorie 49

10:00 PM, Robert Johnson
Header colin self
11 July 2015 Saturday

Robert Johnson Theory 34

08:00 PM, Robert Johnson
Rjt 34 banner rr
20 June 2015 Saturday

Robert Johnson Theorie 33

10:00 PM, Robert Johnson
John carpenter 1981
23 May 2015 Saturday

Robert Johnson Theorie 32

10:00 PM, Robert Johnson
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28 March 2015 Saturday

Robert Johnson Theorie 31

10:00 PM, Robert Johnson
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28 February 2015 Saturday

Robert Johnson Theorie 30

10:00 PM, Robert Johnson
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24 January 2015 Saturday

Robert Johnson Theorie 29

10:00 PM, Robert Johnson
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1 November 2014 Saturday
Rjt 26 orion dance