Form Making

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The term ‘form generation’ is used to describe a design process that utilizes analogue and digital tools and processes and their reciprocal hybrids. This does not inevitably need to result in finding a form for an object to be designed. Often, the focus is rather on processes concerning the generation or finding of forms and on self-organization. Along with traditional analogue design methods, in particular computer-based, generative design practices and processes for the generation of forms are integrated. Important material parameters are directly embedded in the form generation process. This gives rise to either digital form generation strategies directly integrating material parameters, or charged materials that lead to adaptive, interactive or dynamic user-object-environment interactions. At present digital surfaces are increasingly being materially charged and undergoing »re-analogization«. As such, by means of their interaction diverse disciplines and technological contexts are giving rise to completely new hybrids of form generation and materialization.

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