Department Council

Each Department Council is made up of seven professors, three students, two academic members, one administrative and one technical member, who elect a Dean as the Chairperson.

The Department Council addresses matters of fundamental importance for the Department, for example:

  • Enacting examination and study regulations
  • Proposing the introduction and discontinuation of study programs
  • Voting on research projects
  • Specifying the structural plan
  • Making decisions about appointments
  • Commissions
  • Making proposals for the acquisition of new technical equipment

Fachbereichsrat Kunst



Prof. Heiner Blum

Prof.  Klaus Hesse

Prof. Dr. Christian Janecke

Prof. Martin Liebscher

Prof. Alex Oppermann

Prof. Rotraut Pape

Prof. Dr. Juliane Rebentisch


Prof. Eike König

Prof. Gunter Reski

Prof. Dr. Marc Ries

Prof. rosalie


Katharina Hantke
Arootin Mirzakhani
Sarah Reva Mohr


Rostyslav Likholat
Sarah Stendel

Wissenschafltiche Mitglieder

Nina Zoller

Volker Steinbacher


Clemens Mitscher

Administrative Mitglieder

Wolfgang Rademacher