As the highest democratically elected body of the university, the Senate is made up of the member groups Professors, Employees and Students. It stands alongside individual functions such as the president or chancellor and, depending on the legal situation, carries out leadership duties of a strategic, advisory, legislative or controlling character. It thus makes decisions regarding, for example, statues, development planning, study courses, research coordination, approval of the structuring into departments and department assignment. Furthermore, the Senate comments on issues including target agreements and the budget plan, appointment recommendations, honorary professorships, the establishment/dissolution of central institutions and the plan for the promotion of women. (For more information see the Hessen Higher Education Act, section 40.) The sessions are open to the entire university.



Prof. Alexander Oppermann 

Prof. Dr. Juliane Rebentisch

Prof. Heiner Blum 

Prof. Dr. Markus Holzbach 

Prof. Peter Eckart 

Prof. Dr. Christian Janecke

Prof. Dr. Marc Ries

Prof. Martin Liebscher 

Prof. Gunter Reski

Prof. Dr. Martin Gessmann 


Prof. Dr. Klaus Klemp 

Prof. Werner Lorke 

Prof. Frank Zebner 

Prof. Manfred Stumpf


Camilla Schmider 

Hannah Weirich 

Christina Timmann 

Dylan McGuire 

Balduin Mund


Blanca König

Hannah Rödel 

Sarah Melz 

Luca Ganz 

Ludwig Kempf

Administrative-technical members

Christiane Kühn-Wilkens
Ute Schulz​

Sabine Klein 

Jens Balkenborg 

Silke Indinger

Scientific member

Nina Zoller​

Pia Scharf

Andreas Klober 

Lina Djouiai


Vice President

Gender Equality Officer

Christa Scheld

Chairman of the Staff Committee

Jörg Buch

Chairman of AStA

Kim Schön​