General Student Committee

Elected annually by the Student Parliament, the General Student Committee (AStA) implements the resolutions passed by the Student Parliament and provides services in the following areas: Finance, RMV transport association, student shop, sport, information and culture.

Board of Directors



Camilla Schmider

StuPa President

Jones Falkenberg

Information Departmend

Malte Möller, Laura Lauschke

Finance Department

Have Ghebragziabher

Anna Richter

Sports Department

Jonas Theisinger

Department dem_lernen (*former equality department)

Jones Falkenberg, Paula Heinrich

RMV Department

Dominika Bednarsky, Sonja Herrmann

Semester ticket reimbursement sheet here.

Registration for the discounted Call a Bike rates for HfG students can be found here

Chapel Department

Jasper Bamberger, Luca Ganz, Gero Stoll

Confidence Department

Karen Denise Go Siong, Leif Horns

Well-being Department 

Maike Dorn

Opening hours of the AStA Office

see notice on the door

700 5251


26 October 2016 until 1 February 2019
1 February 2019 Friday

May I Sit

12:00 PM, Isenburger Schloss, linke Kapelle
Mayisit web
26 October 2016 Wednesday

Lecture & Workshop by Vaginal Davis

Hauptgebäude, Raum 101