Screen Printing

Screen printing (serigraphy) is the most modern printmaking technique and also the most diverse and adaptable printing procedure, both from an artistic and industrial perspective. Screen printing offers artists possibilities which are not available with other printmaking techniques as it can incorporate processes familiar to graphics, photography and painting. For instance, as with painting, color can be implemented in the printmaking process with great intensity, both to cover whole surfaces or with a transparent consistency. The artist is also not limited to only paper as a printing material but can also use materials like wood, glass, plastic, metal, canvas etc. Screen printing can also be used in painting or to print on three-dimensional batch objects (multiples).​


The HfG’s screen printing workshop is equip-ped with two printing tables in DIN A0 format. There are also complete copying facilities as well as an automatic screen washer and screen decoater. Screen printing cour-ses are offered in the introductory and main course of studies. When a course is not in session, the workshop is open to students to pursue their own artistic and experimental projects.

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