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Photo: Jakob Diekmann

Leon Etienne Kühr

Research Associate

Co-Lead AI Lab
Westflügel, Raum 307

Mattis Kuhn

Research Associate

Co-Lead  AI Lab

Westflügel, Raum 307​

Johanna Teresa Wallenborn

Research Associate
Algorithms in Context

T +49 (0)69.800 59-220

The AI Lab forms part of the Electronic Media teaching area. It supports students in developing Deep Learning algorithms adapted to their aesthetic ideas and/or integrating already existing data sets and trained models into their artistic practice.

Deep Learning is the branch of AI research that uses so-called 'Deep Neural Networks' to find significant patterns automatically. These networks enable, among other things, the autonomous navigation of vehicles, they beat the best human players in popular board/computer games and already produce almost photorealistic portraits of non-existent persons. Their versatility implies a largely unexplored potential for generative art, AI-assisted creative work processes, automation, and human-machine interaction.

The AI Lab is a forum for reflecting on the implications of technology for society and artistic creation. Building a solid basic understanding of the workings of current algorithms is intended to lay the foundation for fostering a mature engagement with the subject area.

Funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research as part of the joint project "KITeGG KI greifbar machen und begreifen: Technologie und Gesellschaft verbinden durch Gestaltung (Making AI tangible and understandable: Connecting technology and society through design)". Further information


In addition to courses and an open workshop, we organize AI evenings at irregular intervals to talk about art and design projects, current developments and papers over drinks and snacks. The evening is open to everyone, including interested people from outside the university. It serves as a platform for discussing AI topics. The content of the evenings can be shaped in a participatory way, for example, papers, tools or projects can be presented and discussed. If you have any suggestions, please get in touch with us:,

Do. 2. Mai 2024, 18 Uhr – Das Lab sagt Hallo!

Do. 23. Mai 2024, 18 Uhr – KI und Literatur

Do. 20. Juni 2024, 18 Uhr – KI und Krieg

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Student work

Malik arbab   birdsky   2022

Malik Arbab, 2022

Max kreis   dorminxvii 1   2022


Max Kreis, 2022

Max kreis   seed 2001   2022


Max Kreis, 2022

Malik arbab   chromemagivy   2022


Malik Arbab, 2022