Stage and Costume Design

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Lucia Bushart 

Rundgangpreis für Bühnenbild und Szenischer Raum 2018

The course covers a wide range of topics from a discussion of the classic stage area to experimental work. Students try out various techniques and media in order to develop as broad a range of tools as possible and train an individual understanding of artistic practices. Project work is based on intensive research in literature, the public space, everyday phenomena and their visualization.

The program includes both working on models portraying scenic options and the scale realization of a spatial design in the form of a mock-up stage set. In this context, the issues of lighting, sound, materials research and processing, and technical drawing and construction will also be discussed.

Something that is unique to HfG Offenbach is the inclusion of the Stage and Costume Design department in the institutional framework of the Hessische Theaterakademie (HTA). This means that, as part of their course, students can work in close collaboration with the directing, acting, singing and contemporary dance courses at the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts and the Masters course in dramaturgy at the Goethe University in Frankfurt. Students have the option of participating in the core courses of the above institutions as part of a reciprocal arrangement, which means productive interdisciplinary teams can form. This joint exploitation of the learning options available not only reinforces the students’ theoretical knowledge on a broader basis, but also helps when putting this into practice.

Students can try their hand at real theater work in their own productions and in the context of the HTA they can even do so at selected city and regional theaters in Hessen: Theater work for students under professional conditions.

Artistic collaboration

Fanti Baum

Anbau Bühnenbild/Hauptgebäude, Anex stage design/Main building, room B102/B103/B2/B3

Teacher for special purposes

Nina Zoller

Lighting design

Jan Hartmann (Lighting Director at Frankfurt Opera House)

Textile workshop

Michaela Kraft

Teaching assignments

Nils Wildegans 



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